Turkish Community Heritage Centre of Canada


TCHCC is organized as a service organization. Our army of dedicated volunteers provide the services.

Our volunteers are directed and supported by a large Board of Directors through the Executive Committee.

The Board of Directors comprises leading members of the Canadian Turkish community, with many years’ experience in Canadian business, school and social life. They include Canadian as well as Turkish born individuals dedicated to serving the community.

The Executive Committee provides the day-to-day direction and support to the volunteers who run the activities. The Executive Committee is made up of the registered officers of the Charity (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary), two directors (records retention, and relations with other community organizations), two service coordinators (special events/projects and Social Services), and six administrative and support coordinators (volunteers, marketing, grants, donations, investments, information technology).

Our services consist of special events or projects that have a start and end, and the ongoing services of our Social Services Organization.

Examples of special events or projects include information seminars, training sessions, and heritage celebration events. Each event is organized by a volunteer event or project manager, who provides direction and support to other volunteers who help make everything happen. Volunteers often get involved in many events and projects throughout the year, taking turns to act as event or project managers.

An event coordinator acts as a mentor to event/project managers in their growth to becoming self-sufficient event/project managers. The event coordinator also helps in scheduling the different events that are brought forward by volunteers, the Executive Committee, BOD members or the public at large, also considering scheduling of events by other community organizations to minimize conflicts.

Event or project selection is made by the Executive Committee based on a set of established criteria to serve the objectives of TCHCC.

The ongoing services of our Social Services Organization are provided by our volunteers who have received a 40-hr social services training given by our experienced Social Worker. Our Social Services Coordinator provides day-to-day direction and support to our social service volunteers.